The people behind Save Wizard for PS4 aren't just a one trick pony...

A respected Japanese gaming company reached out to us with a project. To create a good quality, simple to use controller for their customers which worked on at least the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (Japan's most popular gaming platforms).

Another controller, another expense!

Want to play locally with friends and family? That second official controller can be expensive and it only supports one platform!

If you game on multiple platforms, that's more controllers to buy and more space required to store them.

By cutting out pointless features that most games do not use and adding the ability to game on multiple platforms with just a single controller allows us to help save you money while adding convenience.

Plug in, play and have fun

There is nothing worse than wanting to have a gaming session to find your controller has to be sync'd or you spend precious time searching for fresh batteries or that charging cable (it was in the drawer, who moved it?).

Using a wired connection may seem old fashioned, but sometimes simple is better. Eliminating this scenerio saves you time, expense and stress and you'll never see that notification your controller is low in power at that vital moment ever again.

I've not seen this at retail...

Retailers (outside of Japan) so far have refused to stock it.


It's all about profit. Generally, peripherals (including controllers) is where the retailer makes their money (unlike on a console where profit margins are slim).

Selling you an official or more controllers makes more profit for a retailer. Anything else isn't currently in their interest.